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About Waste water management

Everyday world uses billion gallons of water and produces equivalent gallons of Wastewater. There is limited resource of water available on this earth and it is not going to last forever. It has been estimated that in 2030 the need for water is going to increase by approximately by 40%. Wastewater or sewage is the byproduct of many uses of water. There are the household uses such as bathing, dishwashing, laundry and, of course, flushing the toilet. In the industrial usage of water, companies use water for many purposes including processes, products, and cleaning or rinsing of parts. Treating sewage/waste water can reduce the dependence on fresh water. Treated sewage/waste water can be used for gardening, flushing of toilets, washing vehicles, boilers or cooling systems.

In present times the Governments across the world have made regulations and laws for waste water treatment. All industries are required to comply with these laws. It has been made mandatory to treat water before discharging the water into main drains. All companies are required to have an effluent treatment plants on site before the waste water meets the civic/municipality drains. After the water has been used, it enters the wastewater stream, and it flows to the wastewater treatment plant and then it can be allowed to flow into the municipal drain. Many of the waste water treatment systems would add chemical products to the waste water to kill the bacteria and living organisms and then clear the water before discharging it into the main municipal drains. This way the water may be clean but with harmful chemicals.

The need for wastewater recycling is immense and we at Solomon Technologies are working hard to keep up with the pace of this requirement. We have been looking at alternate method of waste water cleaning whereby the water is cleaned in a biological way and there are no chemical byproducts added to the system. We have mastered state of art technology to treat wastewater in a biological way such that the byproducts of the process are not harmful to the environment. Our technology has been tried and tested worldwide. We have been able to evolve a very unique process utilizing biological means to kill harmful waste material from the waste water and minimize the odor of waste water. Water is a precious resource and now clean water is becoming scarce and more precious commodity. Solomon Technologies is in the business of conducting water audit at site and then suggesting corrective measures for efficient use of water. Ongoing industrialization, population & urbanization pose pressure on water availability. Wastewater is any water that has been contaminated by pollutants such as pathogens, organic and inorganic materials, heavy metals and a wide range of other toxins. We provide solution to the client for better management, recycle & reuse of water & provide technical data about water loss & consumption. We visit the site collect technical data, discussion with management, technical team & suggest best solution depending on the site data. Our services also comprises of Upgradation of Projects along with effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants. Capitalizing on our industrial experience and professionals we are able to sort out the flaws in these plants and enhance the efficiency of plants.


• Our waste water management systems improve the quality of the effluent making them usable for non

potable purposes.

• Our waste water management systems improve the efficiency of existing waste water treatment plants

• Our waste water management systems are very cost effective thereby making us a viable alternative for treatment of waste water.

When you conserve water,you conserve life!

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