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Border Fencing

The FOMSOL Intrusion detection system, surrounding and protecting important facilities, shall detect intrusion by generating audible alarm and pinpointing an intrusion spot on a display map within ±15m accuracy. FOMSOL is based on Fiber Optic Mesh Sensor and Optical Radar Technology. The OSU (Optical Sensing Unit) injects Infrared Laser Pulses into Fiber Optic Mesh and it detects Optical echoes of the Infrared Laser Pulses caused & backscattered by a cutting or excess force when an intruder pulls or cut off the Fiber Optic Mesh. The ACS (Alarm Control Station) which is located at MCC (Main Control Centre) receives the intrusion data from OSU and generates the audible alarm and pinpoints the intrusion spot.

Application :

The FOMSOL System is very versatile and has a large number of applications:

Secure Facilities Perimeter Intrusion
FOMSOL is deal for secure installation such as military, naval and air force bases, nuclear facilities and other installations requiring constant monitoring. The system's detection accuracy means that any attack can be identified within very tight tolerances allowing an immediate response at the attack site.

National Border Monitoring
The FOMSOL system can be deployed over considerable distances from limited power supplies .Substantial intervals can be achieved between control station and these stations can be mentiored through a central system .FOMSOL requires minimal maintenance and unlike conventional system does not have to be checked and verified on a regular basis

Under water Protection
The FOMSOL system can be deployed underwater and used to protect installation bordered by water. FOMSOL can be integrated into existing security system to keep the cost of installation to a minimum or a total integrated security system can be installed from Scratch. FOMSOL is a quick, cost effective and proven solution to perimeter security for everything from military bases to power plants and water supplies to mobile military units that need instant security for temporary location.

Technical Approach
Promotion of FOMSOL is not just like selling equipments but requires high level engineering Work such as system design, total security solution,clarifacations interfacting with other sensor (CCTV, wireless sensor, Access Control etc.) integration with servers (Networks, total security Management System),execution ,commissioning etc. Technical promotion shall typically follow four steps :-1) Introduction ,2) Project generation , 3) Contracting and 4) Job execution.

FOMSOL is a highly flexible, unmanned system which can be deployed in a variety of terrains and in the protection of a variety of sensitive locations. It has 100% detection rate and location accuracy to within one metre over substantial system lengths. It also has a very low false alarm rate and nuisance alarm rate . The FOMSOL system has been tested and certificated in South Korea and the united states of America and has been approved for use in Japan, Singapore, an Kuwait. It has been installed and operated successfully in over 20 sites worldwide and is being actively considered in a number of other locations. FOMSOL is a competitive product. Whilst its installation costs are greater than conventional systems it is unmanned and requires is very little human support. The system requires no routine maintenance and does not requires patrol, security lighting and other support. Detection accuracy further reduce ancillary equipment cost.

  • 11 Oktomvri Eurokompozit. S.r.o
    (Republic of Macedonia)
  • Black Rook Ltd. (Isarel)
  • 1st Defence Group (a Division of Lindon Group Inc) USA.
  • MPI Group (CZECH Republic)
  • Lotus Machines (India)
  • Excallibur Army (Czech Republic)