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ABOUT "SOLOMON" Founded in India in 1997, "SOLOMON" Hotels has long reflected the finest traditions of European hospitality. In addition to building and acquiring many of the finest city hotels in the world, SOLOMON is a name that can now be found in many exciting resort locations too.

• Lack of centralized systems, company-wide view of project status.
• Difficulties, which arise in handling project dependencies.
• Handling and managing multiple copies of project files, causing version-control problems.
• Prior to signing on with Project Insight, the Solomon Hotels Project teams manage projects with a combination of tools and processes, "Solomon's conceptional collaboration platform called "CLUBBING", which is a SOLOMON product has confidently contributed to its establishment.

Strategic Partners.
Managed Funds:
By owning and operating its hospitality assets, Solomon has uniquely aligned interests and integrated corporate resources for advantages that have paid consistent and adjusted risk returns to its unmatched grouping of institutional investors.

Our investors comprise the country's top corporate and financial corporation, all of which have selected Solomon as there solely invests partner in hospitality real estate and developments. These long-term partners consistently invest throughout all phases of real estate cycles, thus stabilizing our investment platform. Solomon presently owns two hotels in a joint venture with MST International, in Real Estate long-term investors.

Solomon senior executives are co-invested in all of the company's equity funds. These funds are organized on track to acquire and develop the hospitality sectors, targeting niece markets and properties franchised under major brands.

Acquisition and Development:
Leadership Solomon has the largest hotel Acquisition & Development team in the industry. Such a team which is comprises of a seasoned investment professionals with extensive industry Relationships, Knowledge and Diverse transaction experience gained over a combined 16 years in the industry, We share a respectable track record and knowledge along with expertise polished by multiple market successes. Logical, focused and dedicated data-driven, we are benefited directly from our owners/operators alignment that ensures a continual feedback on real-time basis, market information to refine our strategies and execute our knowledge.

Acquisition and Development:
Solomon investment strategies focus on upper upscale services, and on luxury properties, which confirms us to capitalize our owners/operators business module. We target our investment opportunities with gregarious four well-defined categories, Aggression, Long-term value creation Enhance portfolio Diversification objectives.

Acquisition of Urban and Suburban Hotels Full service plans for 200-600 room hotels.
Established national brands and independents operators.
Dynamic and new corporate to enter these markets

Acquisition of Destination Resorts First class, full service 100-200 room's, beach projects, golf course projects, or mountain resorts
National brands
Dynamic and new corporate to enter these markets
Expansion and re-development projects.

New Construction First class, full service 200-600 room hotels
Leading national brands and established independents
Adaptive re-use, re-development or new builds
Experienced developers.

New Development Projects Funding Select service, 75-350 rooms new builds in major metro markets
Full service, 300-500 room new builds in urban and major suburban markets
Urban, mixed-use projects with a significant hotel component