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"So Belief and believing always guides ones path where one is destined to be in the future. "Success in life" shall never be so easy and blissful, but your strong will power and dedication shall always prepare your passage for success. Raj was born in a normal mid class family, and apparently not gifted with any business royals or strong financial background, but his strong will and believing in himself made him progress at every step he passed. Today "Solomon Technologies Limited " approaches in the industry with a powerful force that guide are thousands of new entrants to follow the path. Raj with his strong roots in Kashmir succesfully transformed himself into this world of struggles and hardships. He started with a pharmaceautical production business and later added new perepheries to it. Raj a Global trekker with hunger to learn and thus been gifted with universal understanding, knowledge with sharing his expereince with thousands of enterpreneurs's around the Globe. His innocence and upfront nature has been envy to many but his strenght still remains his dedication and values from his roots

Raj is presently heading as CEO/MD in the business at "Solomon Technologies Limited" with peripheries in Educations, Information Technologies, Real Estate, Pharma and Healthcare, Branding, Consultation and Apparels.

Our Strength

Technical Excellence 
Our technical expertise is our strength to develop the perfect road map in this challenging market for our customers within their budget. Our team is innovative and updated with latest markets trends to offer our best to the customers. Quality Solution: 
Our solutions are reliable and optimized with best services and products that help our customers in their business to achieve the greater horizons in the global market. Our team never sleep they are 100% uptime. Our methodologies and QA process helps to gain the Quality Solution. On-time delivery 
Time line delivery is an important factor of any business; we understand its importance and develop the solution on the given time frame. This feature helps us to achieve our goals on time and keep up the long-term relationship with our clients. 100% customer satisfaction 
We are committed to meet the growing demands of our customers by delivering quality solutions in a consistent and timely manner.

Success Venture

"Solomon" is engaged in Military Defence, Energy, Hospitality and Real estate. (civil and structural construction work of Industrial), Solar Power projects, pharmaceutical projects, Corporate houses, Institutional and Residential projects, Hotels, Infrastructure projects etc. working across India and abroad. "Solomon" success depends on their Wide base of experienced and supportive vendors which includes Manufacturers / Brokers/ OEM suppliers/Traders / G.Suppliers / Labour Contractors / Fabricators / Installer / Sub contractors of various fields. At "Solomon" we are endeavouring to widen the base list of partners throughout the globe

1. Bullet Proof Jackets. (Ministry of defence) 2. Modernization of Armour Vehicles 3. Improvement of Fire Fighting system. 4. Electrical Goods and equipment. 5. Security system (Residential Blocks for Group Housing) 6. Solar Cells (Cylindrical) 7. Solar Water heaters (Under programs) 8. Solar wind Power. (US Patent) 9. Buying Hotels and Hotel projects in Europe. 10. Licensing and Branding Hotels in Europe. 11. Financing projects of Real Estate in India. 12. Joint Ventures. 13. Collaboration in running projects. 14. Land Purchases ( any use).