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Mines Shoes
Test and Evaluation :
  • THE PRINCIPLE OF TEST Prepare similer situation explode the M14 LAND MINE as actual accident.
  • Explode the M14 LAND MINE and check how it impact to the body.
    • Remove detonator from the M14 LAND MINE and install electic blasting cap,explode it from distance by firing device.
    • Applying pressure on buried LAND MINE, just like pressed by actual combat boots.
  • Sample Boots :
    • Six pairs of ANTI MINE BOOTS made by TVAS CO., LTD.
  • The frequency of test :
    • 1st test : explode beneath the fore part of the bottum.
    • 2nd test : explode beneath the middle part of bottum.
    • 3rd test : explode beneath the rear part of the bottum.
  • Put the P.E last and wood bar into the ANTI MINE BOOTS and put the weight on the boots, Explode the LAND MINE, and check how it influence to the body.
  • Put the P.E last covered soft sponge as same shape as an ankle into the inside.
  • Put the wood bar into the ankle part of the ANTI MINE BOOTS.
  • Applying 100 kg pressure on the ANTI MINE BOOTS as the consideration of actual    full combat gear soldiers.
Test and Evaluation :
  • Samples
    • Wrap of the last ANTI MINE BOOTS with soft sponge and then covered its surface with febrics like human skin.
    • Put the treated last into the ANTI MINE BOOTS be tested
  • M14 anti personal LAND MINE
    • Confirmed the safety clip is installed.
    • Confirmed the detonetor is removed.
Set up and sequence of the test :
  • Dig the hole and put into the blasting cap holder.
  • Put the LAND MINE over the blasting cap holder and install the M6 electric blasting cap into the M14 LAND MINE where the detonetor is removed.
  • Put the ANTI MINE BOOTS on the M14 LAND MINE at test position (fore, middle, rear) and put the steel plate of 100 kg weight on the sample.
  • Connect the electric blasting cap to firing device through the firing wire and detonate main charge in the LAND MINE by operating the firing device.
  • Check the condition of sample ANTI MINE BOOTS after detonate the LAND MINE and review it (bottum, boots itself, last, wood bar)
  • Repeat the test at three diffrent position.
Test Results :
  • Comparison on the shape of the boots and the state of the wood bar instead of an ankle
  • Fore part
    • 1st : forepart of 1st outsole broken amoung 1, 2, 3 outsoles. (rubber and sewing part)
    • 1st : forepart of overshoes inside broken. (rubber and sewing part)
    • 2nd : Be scratched on the fore part of 2nd outsole.
    • 2nd : Be scratched on the leather part of the boots.
    • 3rd : No problem on the last.
    • 3rd : No problem on the last.
  • 11 Oktomvri Eurokompozit. S.r.o
    (Republic of Macedonia)
  • Black Rook Ltd. (Isarel)
  • 1st Defence Group (a Division of Lindon Group Inc) USA.
  • MPI Group (CZECH Republic)
  • Lotus Machines (India)
  • Excallibur Army (Czech Republic)