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Size: Solar panel: 335 * 515 * 25MM
Cabinet: 225* 130 * 180MM Fourth, the product parameters
Battery: 12V12AH 144W
(1W lighting can be used to support the work of 144 hours continuous light, cell phone batteries can charge in 44 consecutive, MP3 can continuously charge the battery of 88)

Solar panels: 20W18V

Output voltage range: 5.0V, 12V

Maximum current output: USB output 500MA, DC output 3A

Input interface: a DC interface, input voltage 15-25V

Output Interface: 3, including: a USB output voltage: 5V voltage and current: 500mA, two DC output voltage 12V, current 3A

Switch: three, namely: master switch, 12V, 5V switch

Light: 4

From left to right are: solar lights, battery indicator, 12V output indicator, 5 V output indicator.

1) LED light *
2) solar panels and system cable: 5 m *
3) activities DC first *
4) 3 m long lamp *
5) manual one.

The product scope: 12V DC lamp, 12V3A within the electrical equipment, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, GPS,navigation, PDA, etc.