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Bullet Resistant Vest
Bullet Resistant Vest
Specifications/Special Features :
  • Special features :
    • Material: fire-, water-resistant and anti- ultraviolet radiation stuffs
    • Protective square: 025to 035m 2
    • Protection area: front, back, shoulder, neck and groin
    • Adjustable side closure design
    • Front to back wrap around ballistic protection
    • Pull-down removable ballistic groin protection
    • Removable ballistic neck protector
    • Internal elastic cummerbund
    • Front and back plate pockets
    • Removable ballistic panels in a water- resistant sealed PVC bag
    • Washable outer covers
  • Ballistic performances :
    • IIA: protects against 9mm FMJ and 40 S and W FMJ
    • II: protects against 9mm FMJ and 357 Magnum JSP
    • IIIA: protects against 9mm FMJ and 44 Magnum SJHP
    • IV: protects again AP bullets
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Colors: blue, black, white, navy green, woodland camo, dessert camo
  • 11 Oktomvri Eurokompozit. S.r.o
    (Republic of Macedonia)
  • Black Rook Ltd. (Isarel)
  • 1st Defence Group (a Division of Lindon Group Inc) USA.
  • MPI Group (CZECH Republic)
  • Lotus Machines (India)
  • Excallibur Army (Czech Republic)